Fundamental of Computer II

***Fundamental of Computer***MCQ’s

1)            Components of computer are_______________.

  1. A) 3                 B) 2                        C) 4                        D) 1

2)            Communication devices are _____________.

  1. A) Speaker                 B) Modem                          C) CD / DVD                        D) Floppy

3)            System unit consist of_________.

  1. A) Main Circuit Board B) Processor  C) Power Supply  D) All a, b, c

4) Peripheral devices are________.

  1. A) Printer                B) Processor                       C) Speaker

5) In which unit compare two quantities?             D) Modem

  1. A) Arithmetic Unit B) Control Unit C) Logic Unit

6) Accelerated graphics port is known as__________.

  1. A) PCI B) AGP                  C) ISA                    D) UPC

7)            Barcode has a series of numbers known as________.

  1. A) UCP B) UPC                  C) NIC  D) a, b

8)            Fingerprint Reader is used in __________.         D) Processing Unit

  1. A) Login a computer B) Surgery C) Medicine

9) ROM stores data__________.                             D) Playing Music

  1. A) Temporarily B) Permanently C) Partially

10) RAM stands for_________.                D) Fully

  1. A) Root Access Memory B) Random Available Memory                    C) Read Able Memory D) Random Access Memory

11)          A processor is also known as________.

  1. A) CPU      B) UPS  C) UPC                  D) PUS

12)          Robot is also known as__________.

  1. A) Civil Agents B) Electronic Agents  C) Electrical Agents D) Mechanical Agents

13) Barcode Reader is an__________ device.

  1. A) Storage                B) Output                            C) Display                            D) Input

14) RAM is used for_________ storage.

  1. A) Temporarily B) Partially C) Permanently  D) Fully

15) Two main components of processor are________ &_______.

  1. A) AU , LU                B) CU , LU                            C) ALU , CU                         D) AU ,CU

16)          ROM is __________ memory.

  1. A) Volatile                B) Versatile                         C) non volatile  D) a , b

17)          PCI is faster slot used for ___________ .

  1. A) Sound                B) Graphics                         C) Network Inter face Card

18)          Memory consists of __________ chips.

  1. A) Electronic                 B) Magnetic                        C) Silicon                              D) b , c

19)          __________ Work like a traffic policeman.

  1. A) AU                 B) LU                     C) ALU  D) CU

20)______ is a device that capture fingerprint.

  1. A) Barcode Reader B) Card Reader C) Fingerprint Reader

21) ________ is a box where processing takes place.     D) b, c

  1. A) Electronic Unit B) Arithmetic Unit C) System Unit

22) All computer components are plugged with ________.         D) Logic Unit

  1. A) Circuit Board B) Motherboard                               C) Processing Board         D) a, b

23)          The ______ main components of processor.

  1. A) One      B) Two                  C) Three                               D) Four

24)          Logical and mathematical problems are solved by _________.

  1. A) LU                 B) CU                     C) ALU  D) AU

25)          Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & division performed by _________.

  1. A) LU                 B) AU                    C) CU                     D) b, c


26)          Logic unit compares two quantities and give answer in which form?

  1. A) True B) Yes    C) False                D) a, c

27)          _______ is working space of computer.

  1. A) B) Execution                 C) Processing                     D) b, c

28)          ____contain start up instruction of computer and information about its hardware.

  1. A) Register                 B) RAM                 C) Address Bus                  D) ROM

29)          ___________gives a computer capability to control a storage device, an input device.

  1. A) Expansion Slots                 B) Expansion Cards                          C) PCI                    D) ISA

30)          _________ is a machine which is controlled by software.

  1. A) Scanner                 B) Barcode Reader                          C) Fingerprint Reader                     D) Robot

31)          AGP stands for __________.

  1. A) Accelerated Graph Port B) Accelerated Graphic Port C) Access Graphic Port

32) PCI stands for _____________.

  1. A) Peripheral Component Internet                 B) Program Component Interconnect
  2. C) Peripheral Component Interconnect D) Permanent Control Internet

33) ISA stands for _____________.

  1. A) Industry Standard Art B) Internet Standard Architecture
  2. C) Industry Standard Architecture D) Industry Sound Architecture

34) PCI slot is used for _________, graphic cards.

  1. A) Internet Card B) Network Card                 C) Modem Card                D) Sound Card

35)          _______ Slot is used for 3D graphics cards.

  1. A) ISA B) PCI    C) AGP                  D) PCI, AGP

36)          ________ is used to transmit data over telephone wires.

  1. A) Internet                B) Network

37) NIC stands for _________.                 C) Modem                          D) b , c

  1. A) Network Internet Connect                B) Network Internal Card
  2. C) Network Interface Card D) Network Interconnect Card

38)          _________ means information is lost when the power is swathed off.

  1. A) Erasable                 B) Non Volatile                  C) Volatile                           D) a , c

39)          Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor & printer are also known as ___________?

  1. A) Input B) Output C) Peripherals D) a , b

40)          System unit can be found in two shapes ______ .

  1. A) Laptop                B) Tower                              C) Desktop                          D) b , c

41)          ____slot is hard to find in modern computer.

  1. A) AGP      B) PCI    C) ISA                    D) UPC

42)          _________slot is a long narrow socket fixed on motherboard.

  1. A) Expression                 B) Execution                       C) Transmission                D) Expansion

43)          __________is used in security systems and criminal investigation.

  1. A) Card Reader B) Sound Reader  C) Barcode Reader D) Fingerprint Reader

44) A video game is played by using _________card.

  1. A) Modem                B) Sound                              C) Graphic                           D) Network Interface

45)          Which of the following is highest speed slot?

  1. A) ISA        B) PCI    C) AGP                  D) a, c

46)          Which of the following part of CPU controlled the sequence the instructions?

  1. A) LU                 B) AU                    C) CU                     D) ALU

47)          Arithmetic operation is performed by __________.

  1. A) LU                 B) AU                    C) ALU  D) CU

48)          A processor acts like a __________.

  1. A) Lever                 B) Heart                               C) Brain                D) Kidney

49)          There are _______ types of memory.

  1. A) Two      B) three                               C) One                  D) Four

50)          Processor is fixed on ________.

  1. A) Fan board                 B) Chipboard                      C) Motherboard
  2. D) Expansion board

51)          __________ is a place where processing takes place.

  1. A) Monitor                 B) CPU                  C) Ram                  D) System Unit

52)          Physical parts of computer are known as ____________.

  1. A) Operating System                 B) Software                        C) Hardware
  2. D) System Unit


Questions with Answers Questions with Answers  Questions with Answers-1 Questions with Answers
1) 2 2) Modem 3) All a,b,c 4) Printer
5) Logic Unit 6) AGP 7) UPC 8) Login a Computer
9) Permanently 10) Random Access Memory 11) CPU 12) Mechanical Agent
13) Input 14) Temporarily 15) CU, ALU 16) Non Volatile
17) All a,b,c 18) Electronic 19) CU 20) Fingerprint Reader
21)System Unit 22) a,b 23)Two 24)ALU
25)AU 26)a,c 27)Memory 28)ROM
29)Expansion Card 30)Robot 31)Accelerated Graphic Port 32)Peripheral Component Interconnect
33) Industry standard architecture 34) Sound Card 35) AGP 36) Modem
37) Network Interface Card 38) Volatile 39) Peripheral 40)b,c
41) ISA 42) Expansion 43) Fingerprint Reader 44) Graphics
45) AGP 46) CU 47) AU 48) Brain
49) Two 50) Motherboard 51) System Unit 52) Hardware


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