Computer History 2001s-2006s

COMPUTERS Development 




Telemedicine uses satellite technology and videoconferencing to broad cast consultations and to perform distant surgeries. Robots are used for complex and precise tasks. Computer-aided surgery uses virtual reality to assist with training and planning procedures. Application service providers offer a return to a centralized computing environment, in which large mega servers warehouse data,information, and software, so it is accessible using a variety of devices from any location.


Hand spring begins shipping the Treo™communicator, a handheld computer with cellular telephone, e-mail, text messaging,and wireless Web capabilities. Microsoft launches its .NET strategy, which is a new environment for developing and running software applications featuring ease of development of Web-based services. Users of applications immediately see the benefit of .NET as instant access to data and services in the context of their current task



After several years of negligible sales, the Tablet PC is reintroduced as the next-generation mobile PC. The light weight device, the size of a three-ring notebook, is ideal for people on the go. It runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, has wireless capabilities, and features natural input capabilities including pen and speectechnologies. Computer manufacturers and software companies integrate high-end PCs and entertainment devices. The result is PCs with great entertainment functions that let you watch and record TV, burn CDs and DVDs, play games, and more.



Companies such as Real Networks,Microsoft, Sony, and Wal-Mart stake out turf in the online music store business started by Apple Computer. In the previous year, Apple’s iTunes Music Store Web sites old nearly 20 million songs for 99 cents each. Flat-panel LCD monitors over take bulky CRT monitors as the popular choice of computer users. Although flat-panel LCD monitors cost more, they offer several advantages including physical size, weight,true display size, better poweconsumption, and no radiation emission.USB Flash Drives, which are small enough to fit on a key chain but can store up to 4 billion characters, become a cost-effective way to transport data and information from one computer to another.



The Mozilla Foundation, the creators of the free open source Firefox browser, predicts that by the end of 2005, it will have 10 percent of the browser market, primarily at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) security-plagued browser. Microsoft unveils Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. This operating system allows users to access the routine capabilities of a Windows XP-based PC while focusing on delivering media content such as music,digital photography, movies, and television.



In response to the recent release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony launches its Play Station 3 and Nintendo launches its Revolution. Sony won the previounumbers games with worldwide sales of 90 million Play station 2 consoles to Microsoft’s 24 million Xbox consoles and Nintendo’s 21 million GameCube consoles. IBM produces the fastest supercomputer called Blue Gene/L. It can perform approximately 28 trillion calculations in the time it takes you to blink your eye, or about one-tenth of a second. The Blue Gene/L primarily is used to explore hydrodynamics, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, climate modeling, and financial modeling.

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