WordPress Interface Part-2


Under Standing of WORD-PRESS Interface Continue..


Pages are static pages on your blog.  They are different from posts.  Pages can include information about you or the site and are not time sensitive like a post.


Comments are a way for you to get feedback from your readers. The Comments section allows you to administer your comments to approve, reply, edit, mark as spam or delete. By default, your site will moderate all comments from new people. We also have Akismet spam protection installed.


The Appearance tool allows you to change the look and feel of your site. We have over 50 themes loaded and themes can be changed at any time. Click on each theme to preview what it will look like before you decide.  Any options that come with the theme you have selected will be located under the Appearance menu.

(Note: If you change your theme and have customized your widgets, they may seem to disappear from your site. They are still available under Appearance > Widgets in the Inactive Widget section. Simply drag them back to the sidebar in your new theme.)


The Users tool shows you the people contributing to your site. You can add other people who have a UCI email address to your site as authors, editors, contributors, etc. You may also edit your profile here.


The Tools tool has a couple of WordPress specific tools for your browser. You can also import your posts or comments from other blogs to your site.


The Settings tool is the main area to set preferences or properties for your site.

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